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About Who We are

Building cross border relations and cross-cultural communications to encourage education and ties that creates the core to the institution. Huanying was formed with the idea it not can or will but has to revolutionize the current attitude towards foreign education in India.

We started with the idea to provide Chinese teachers to education institutions and then moved on to providing private tuitions. To help motivate cross-border relationships we provide networking as well as translation and interpretations to corporates and SMEs.

To encourage cross-cultural communications, we provide training and support to start or to conduct cultural programs like the dragon boat festival, the lion dances, taiko, encierro, martial arts etc.

In time we provided similar services for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Thai.

Down the way Huanying dove deep into the philosophy of education and they came up with the thought “education is not a privilege but a birth right” this made Huanying focus that education in every form should be for everyone and thus they added subjects that would help students from all the backgrounds to study different subjects that will directly affect their careers, lives and skill development.

Thus Huanying is an institution which believes in education for all in every manner and also developing cross-cultural and cross-border relationships.

Meet Our Founders


Abhrajit Choudhury


Fee Chu Liu