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Timeline Follow Our Journey

  • FEB 2012

    Abhrajit returns to India after 8 years.

  • MAR 2012

    After years of martial arts training Abhrajit tried to find if there are any authentic martial arts teacher existing in Kolkata and gets to know about the Chinese community thriving in Kolkata and gets closer to them.

  • APR 2012

    Abhrajit plans to work on the mission of getting to know the community better. Though he had friends from the Chinese community in his school days he had never got to know this community in depth.

  • APR 2012

    Abhrajit along with his fiancé Yok Ho who is an Indian – Chinese and starts to go to the community learning center organized by the I.C.A. (Indian Chinese Association). He meets Mrs. Biak, a Chinese teacher who is married to an Indian engineer and stays in Kolkata.

  • MAY 2012

    Abhrajit gets married and stats getting more and more involved in helping the community get back to its cultural roots as well as promote the community in Kolkata.

  • SEP 2012

    Mr. Paul Chung the then president of the I.C.A. asked Abhrajit if he could teach the young Indian-Chinese kids something close to the Chinese Culture for their “Moon Festival” function. Abhrajit agrees to teach them “Zhezhi (摺紙)” (The original form of which originated to “Origami”).

  • OCT 2012

    Abhrajit starts his first business with his friends the “Calcutta Paintball Club” which will go to dominate Eastern Zone of India.

  • NOV 2012

    Mrs. Biak leaves I.C.A. and the Mandarin classes stops.

  • DEC 2012

    Chinese community for the first time attends and participate in Park Street Carnival at Kolkata

  • JAN 2013

    Abhrajit is asked by the I.C.A. if he could help in training the community in a Chinese cultural art form for their “Chinese New Year” program at Tirreti market as well as conduct it. Abhrajit uses his expertise and trains them at “Yīn Shǒu Gùn (因手棍)” the Chinese staff martial art movement.

  • FEB 2013

    The Chinese students perform for the first time perform a direct form which is authentic to their culture apart from performing “Chinese lion dance” like every year.

  • MAR 2013

    Abhrajit starts a job at an American MNC.

  • JUN 2013

    Chinese get together in a way to promote the Chinese youth in Kolkata to integrate themselves more with the culture.

  • AUG 2013

    Abhrajit is asked by I.C.A. to again train the community to participate in the festive of the “Moon Festival”. Abhrajit trains them to learn “Chinese Fan Dance

  • SEP 2013

    “Chinese Fan Dance” becomes a huge hit that the Chinese community from Dhapa wants them to perform at the “Elder’s Day” program.

  • OCT 2013

    “Chinese Fan Dance” is again performed at Big Boss Chinese restaurant at Dhapa on the “Elder’s Day”.

  • DEC 2013

    Abhrajit is asked again to train the community for a “Chinese New Year” show at Tirreti.

  • JAN 2014

    The Chinese community for the first time performs 2 different cultural activities “Chinese Traditional Fan Dance” and “Chinese Traditional Umbrella Dance” during their “Chinese New Year”.

  • FEB 2014

    Abhrajit starts a new job at one of the top Indian MNC and looks after international MNC clients and the top corporate client’s section of the country as well as the tourist client’s section of the country. This is the point a realization sets in the issues of communication in India.

  • SEP 2014

    Abhrajit helps train another cultural activity for the “Moon Festival”, this time it was another form of “Traditional Fan Dance” and “Ribbon Dance”.

  • OCT 2014

    The community again performs at Dhapa but this time it is another cultural activity known as “Gong Fu Cha Ceremony (Tea Ceremony (功夫茶)”.

  • DEC 2014

    The community performs “Lion Dance” and “Traditional Fan Dance” and “Ribbon Dance” at the “Park Street Christmas Carnival” in Kolkata for the first time. .

  • DEC 2014

    Abhrajit meets Agnes at the “Park Street Christmas Carnival”.

  • JAN 2015

    Abhrajit is asked by I.C.A. and the Dhapa Chinese community to teach a new cultural activity for the Chinese Consulate and the “Chinese New Year”. Abhrajit starts teaching them “Thousand Hand Bodhisattva (Guan Yin) (千手观音)”.

  • JAN 2015

    Abhrajit starts teaching at the temple “Fo Guang Shan” temple in Kolkata. The community send children from the local community and temple disciples.

  • FEB 2015

    The students perform at the “Hyatt Kolkata” in front of the consulate of China.

  • FEB 2015

    The students from Dhapa for the first time performs as the Tiretti Market New year function and also for the first time in India “Thousand Hand Bodhisattva (Guan Yin) (千手观音)”.

  • MAR 2015

    Abhrajit again joins a new German MNC looking over the entire international transactions, this will go on to visualize the difficulty of Indians when it comes to foreign language and the need to save culture of the diverse people of Kolkata community.

  • MAR 2015

     To really understand the depth of control of language teaching in India, Abhrajit enrolls himself in multiple Chinese schools of tutorials in Kolkata. He clearly understands how language has been taught wrong with wrong books, wrong courses, wrong teachers and etc.

  • APR 2015

    Abhrajit’s first business “Calcutta Paintball Cub branches out to North-East India and opens franchises and supports small independent paintball business.

  • MAY 2015

    Jie Wu a Portuguese – Chinese comes to Kolkata to the I.C.A. in the hope of starting the cultural activity “Dragon Boat Festival” Abhrajit was called to be a part of this core group.

  • JUN 2015

    The first year it was just a food festival which had planned for random 200 walk in guests but ended up getting 800. Hence starting this activity as an official activity including “Chinese New Year”; “Lantern Festival”; “Moon Festival”; “Elder’s Day festival”.  

  • JUN 2015

    Abhrajit along with his wife works on his small dream of opening an Authentic Asian chain restaurant; but at that time, they could only open a small home delivery and named it “The Fat Panda”; in today’s date it is one of the only takeaway which creates over 500 dishes from every continent maintaining the authenticity. It is also a method to bring back the authentic culture via food.

  • JUL 2015

    An American – Indian boy comes to Kolkata with an advanced knowledge of Mandarin and “Fo Guag Shan” calls upon Abhrajit to help him start the business of starting a Chinese Language School in Kolkata.

  • AUG 2015

    Abhrajit agrees to join with the focus that it will help the community rejuvenate itself and strengthen the core for the next generation. Abhrajit recruits Agnes and all his other friends from the community to join the center

  • AUG 2015

    Abhrajit is invited by the Chinese consulate to witness a fusion choregraphed dance of Chinese and Indian origin.

  • SEP 2015

    Abhrajit is invited by the Chinese consulate to witness a martial arts demonstration. The very next week to witness a Chinese Acrobatic demonstration.

  • OCT 2015

    Abhrajit is invited by the Chinese consulate to witness a Chinese “Bian Lian” (Art of Mask) demonstration as well as a musical show. This is where Abhrajit realized that this is a part of the culture of the Chinese community in Kolkata which is lost and if that is back then maybe India can develop a communication of friendly relationship towards China. Also, it would rebuild the cultural gap between the two countries and it will be easier for Indians to understand the Chinese culture when they travel.

  • NOV 2015

    Abhrajit & Agnes leaves their current company as they found out that the organization is built by Abhrajit’s American partner just to gain fame and not to help the community in reality.

  • NOV 2015

    Abhrajit equipped with around 6000 pan Indian contacts from his previous jobs and over 400 International contacts and along with Agnes conceptualize Hunaying. The name of the organization was given by Agnes suddenly while both of them was sitting in their first client’s office without even having their own business cards.

  • NOV 2015

    Agnes and Abhrajit goes out alone just with a set of business cards and an unfinished website to school after school and company after company to get contracts.

  • DEC 2015

    Huanying receives their first contract for an Interpretation from Dextrosoft Pvt.Ltd.. Abhrajit promises Agnes he will build a company without a single penny investment from their own pocket and also grow it until it reaches globally.

  • JAN 2016

    Huanying gets it first call from the schools and is rejected. They find out that their old company has used their profile to get access to their contacts and received a government contract with the I.N.A. (Indian National Army). Abhrajit stood in the rain for over 4 days but finally after that received an audience with the Army head of the education and got a chance for the audition for teaching but lost as they were late and Delhi had confirmed the classes to another organization. This day made us at Huanying realize 2 things: No matter we are have best teachers and best rates but not having the right time will be difficult for this business and that we both have to sacrifice and take on any post to get the company going; so, Agnes became a teacher and a tele caller from being a partner and Abhrajit became Sales, Marketing and Demo instructor for the company.

  • FEB 2016

    We get our first school contact from the Birla School & at the same time from South City School both to start in April.

  • MAR 2016

    Our first profit came from a small contract from St. Thomas school for foreign exchange. The contract was initially for 1 month but extended for over 3 months with also organizing cultural aspects for Consulate of China.

  • APR 2016

    1st April Huanying registered itself without taking any investment from its partners but from the profits it made with the small interpretation and translations. The company was registered on 1st April as a joke when both the partners agreed if it never worked, they would just say it was an elaborate and one of the best jokes of their life they played on each other on April Fool’s Day. They also decided to keep a share of their profits for the company so it can grow with them as an equal partner.

  • JUN 2016

    Huanying manages to get contracts with Abhrajit’s contacts of more than 10 MNC and institutions for interpretation and translation which includes Chinese Consulate, Calcutta University, Oppo Pvt. Ltd., Tata P.Ltd., Mei Shin Lida Hua Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Synotrix Pvt. Ltd., Ambuja Neotia P.Ltd., Aditya Birla Group and many more

  • DEC 2016

    Huanying had then reached near about 120 MNC for Interpretation and Translation and we were teaching in around 8 schools.

  • JAN 2017

    The school students’ pressure Huanying to take in solo tuitions.

  • FEB 2017

    Chinese consulate recognizes efforts of Huanying and invited them to their welcome function of the new Consulate general. They also put Huanying’s contact on their website.

  • MAR 2017

    Chinese consulate puts forward a request to Huanying if we would be a part of the Confucius system and build a proper school. Huanying at his point took a business strategic decision that they would follow and teach the Confucius system but as any student can study from anywhere and sit for the Confucius exam; Huanying will not open a school as in such rather invest that amount into developing another part of the project for Networking.

  • APR 2017

    Huanying gets their first networking contract to help business deals between a Chinese SME and Indian local market for gold.

  • MAY 2017

    Abhrajit gets a request from I.C.A.; Chinese Consulate and the Dhapa Chinese Community to conduct and train the first Dragon Boat Festival in Kolkata and the first Dragon boat festival in India to be officially supported by the Chinese Government. Huanying along with The Fat Panda will sponsor this event also.

  • JUL 2017

    Huanying spreads outside Kolkata to Uttarakhand at Doon School.

  • SEP 2017

    Huanying signs contracts with over 40 schools pan India and over 400 companies for Interpretation and Translation and over 50 single students per year.

  • OCT 2017

    Huanying has the highest number of students giving Chinese exams and the highest success rate of 75% average and above.

  • DEC 2017

    Abhrajit becomes a sleeping partner as he ventures into growing up his Networking channel globally and also “The Fat Panda”.

  • JAN 2018

    Abhrajit ventures into the South-East Asian market and start creating connections and contacts.

  • FEB 2018

    “Eu Yan Sang” became the first company in Malaysia to partner with us for Networking in India and Thailand.

  • JUN 2018

    Abhrajit and Huanying is called once again to participate in “Dragon Boat Festival”.

  • JUN 2018

    Abhrajit works with Japanese organization “Takata” and moves into the European market.

  • AUG 2018

    Abhrajit makes a lot of contact all over the world and find native youngsters who want to be teachers and contacts who want to support Huanying in a contractual basis for Networking.

  • NOV 2018

    Abhrajit gets a call from small business owners in Kolkata who want to open franchise of “Huanying”.

  • DEC 2018

    Abhrajit approaches Agnes with the idea of franchise and also opening Huanying to other languages and so on and forth. Agnes refuses; also, she tells Abhrajit she will be marrying and moving out to Canada. Abhrajit agrees to play the long game.

  • FEB 2019

    Abhrajit keeps on promoting the networking business and foreign teachers are supported by him by allowing them to directly promote themselves and create online classes.

  • MAR 2019

    Abhrajit comes up with an idea to convert “Huanying” into an online global school in the future.

  • APR 2019

    The idea is shared to a few investors from Italy; French; German-British and Chinese-Vietnamese. They approve and plans start to form up.

  • MAY 2019

    The website closes and Agnes refuses to renew any promotional material as she has a different view for Huanying.

  • NOV 2019

    Huanying is now spread all over India with over 131 Education Institutions which consists of Schools, Colleges and Universities; Also, over 800 business which consists of contacts for Networking, Interpretation and translation; Personal students which is over 150 per year.

  • JAN 2020

    Lockdown in China. Networking market takes a huge hit.

  • MAR 2020

    Lockdown in India. Interpretation and Translation market takes a huge hit.

  • MAY 2020

    New private students get reduced to 10 per year;
    Education institutes got reduced to 10 and corporate contracts got
    reduced to 20.

  • DEC 2020

    Agnes agrees to close the “Huanying”.

  • JAN 2021

    Agnes and Abhrajit divide the company remaining share
    of profit which was kept as a third virtual partner.

  • FEB 2021

    Agnes hands over “Huanying” and moves to Canada.

  • FEB 2021

    Abhrajit invests his part of the profit into rebuilding
    Huanying website, Marketing channels.

  • MAR 2021

    Huanying is rebuilt and Abhrajit goes back to the plan of
    online teaching and going full on with all languages and other subjects
    and networking globally and many more.

  • APR 2021

    1st April Abhrajit registers “Huanying” again. Now the mindset was to help everyone and anyone with the mission in our minds “Education is not a privilege but a birth right”.

  • APR 2021

    Birla again becomes the first institution to approach Huanying with a massive contract hiring more than 10 teachers for multiple subjects.

  • APR 2021

    Abhrajit activates the whole global contact for educators and networking.

  • MAY 2021

    Huanying starts to make profit immediately and they open 4 other franchise places within Kolkata.

  • JUN 2021

    Huanying steps back into interpretation and translation with an Indian company Hutni Projekt FM.

  • JUL 2021

    Huanying strikes back with 10 educational institutions across Kolkata and 2 within Northern India and 20 private students and 50 MNC for Interpretation and Translation for various languages and 10 companies for Networking.

  • AUG 2021

    Huanying is focusing on growing towards its goal of Online Global Virtual institution.

  • AUG 2021

    Huanying now has globally 90 employees, teaching more than 300 different subjects, over 20 languages, over 30 different cultural activities, 4 franchises and networking over 20 areas across the world covering the entire 7 continents.

We are still growing and We will grow…. We will never forget how we started from nothing and made all this……. We will never forget our hardships and We will not stop till we achieve our global goal of educating every one and anyone who wants it and needs it.